Wireless Access Control Systems

Build a custom, wireless access control program with an Aperio system from Aaron’s Locksmith & Security. Aperio’s wireless technology links all of your secure entries without the limitations of a wired system. Manage all of this from a remote, cloud-based dashboard that enables remote management for all of your business needs.


Seamless Integration

Integrate wireless access points with your existing access control hardware for those hard-to-reach entryways that do not work with wired systems. Expand your reach today with this wireless system.

Wireless Installation

Do you have vaulted ceilings or custom architecture that makes a wired solution difficult to implement? An Aperio wireless solution opens up the access control possibilities by managing everything through a wireless hub.

Find The Right Hardware

Aperio wireless security has hardware options to fit every business or home. From wireless card readers to digital keypad locks, Aaron’s Locksmith & Security will pair the best in hardware to your specific needs.

Solutions for Commercial and Residential

Secure your property with an IP Camera installation for your home or business today. 

Security Risk Assessment

Aaron’s Locksmith & Security team will assess your property to identify coverage areas for your camera system. Build comprehensive coverage of your most important assets and blueprint your custom plan.

Professional Installation

Aaron’s team is licensed and insured to install security solutions for any business or residence. Our team has serviced thousands of properties in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in the past 15 years and brings that experience to your door.

IP Camera Technology

Replace your aging CCTV system with a state-of-the-art IP-based security camera solution. Monitor your property remotely from your smart device, host your data in the cloud, and leverage the host of benefits from new technologies.

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