Paxton Access Control Systems

Simplify your access control services with a cloud-based access control program from Paxton and Security Integration Solutions. Remove the need for dedicated PCs or deciated networks to manage who enters, exits, and can access your office. Scale your access control to your company’s needs with a turnkey solution from 1 to 100,000 users, all managed from a single platform.


Scale Your System

Control your entire access control system from a single platform that is capable of over 500 access levels for up to 100,000 users. 

Why Paxton Blu?

Reduce your hardware investment with a cloud-based system that elminates the the need for dedicated networks and PCs. Paxton Blu also allows for multiple connectivity options enabling constant uptime and reliability.

Install Your System Today!

Security Integration Solutions encourages businesses looking for a modern, cloud-based, solution but not a monthly program with fees to look at Paxton Blu as a potential fit for expert installation with top-of-the-line hardware from SIS.

TX License Number - B14110

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