Keyless Entry Systems

Are you protecting your building at scale?


The experts at Security Integration Solutions can fit your business with a custom keyless entry solution that keep your business secured.

A keyless entry system can reduce costs, enable remote management, and offer tighter security measure than a standard lock and key system!

How Can Keyless Entry Help You


Improved Security

Keyless entry systems secure your building better than a traditional physical key system by eliminating the risks that come with physical keys. This means rekeying, forging new keys, and other traditional risks are no longer valid as they keyless entry system manages access from a remote database.

Cost Reduction

The costs associated with locksmiths replacing, rekeying, and maintaining your physical lock and key systems are reduced and can be repurposed!

More Control

Keyless Entry Systems enable your security team to manage who can access your property down to the individual door from their access control dashboard. This also includes logging of door access to keep an eye on suspicious activity.

SIS is proud to provide and install some of the top Access Control brands on the market.

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