Nexkey Access Control Systems

Nexkey makes smart, secure, and simple access possible for every business.  Control everything about access right on your phone – grant or revoke smart keys, customize access based on user, and remotely unlock or send one-time key codes for guests or deliveries. The best part? Nexkey can make any door smart in and outside your business.


Nexkey Core

Any mechanical lock cylinder can be replaced with a Nexkey Core that connects to the Nexkey platform and enables full access control capabilities without replacing all of your hardware!

Nexkey Controller

Connect any type of electric door hardware to the cloud, making it possible to unlock any door via Bluetooth.

Use existing door hardware!

The controller connects with any electric door hardware and is hidden from the user. Adding readers is eliminated.

Ease of Use

Install in minutes!

The installation is extremely simple and only takes minutes, no access control experience required.


Battery Lasts for Years!

Unlike consumer smart locks, the Core battery lasts 50,000 unlocks. That over a decade if used 10+ times every day.

TX License Number - B14110

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