Security Renovations

Renovate your existing Access Control systems with SIS!


Has it been a while since you’ve thought about your security needs? Many clients come to Security Integration Solutions hoping to retrofit their systems to be more up to date with current standards. 

Your software and firmware may be out of date or perhaps you’re looking to move from a server-based system to a cloud-based system. No matter the challenge, SIS can help fit your system with what works best for your business.

How Can Keyless Entry Help You

Updated Software

Ditch the IT issues that come with a server-based system and upgrade to a cloud-based system. Replacing these old systems will enable your team to manage employees and suites from your computer or phone!

Cost Reduction

Because the bones of an Access Control system are installed a renovation project generally comes in at a lower cost. Using existing wiring paths the team at SIS can quickly run wire and keep it looking clean while you get the beneifts of an upgraded system.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Upgrading to a cloud-based system will help your managmenet, but what about hardware? SIS can fit your entries with smart lock systems, standalone electric locks, and more that will help you with audit trailing. Is your space a fit for wireless Access Control? We’ll use a thorough assessment to let you know your options prior to getting started.

SIS is proud to provide and install some of the top Access Control brands on the market.

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