Thermal Cameras 

Screen employees, visitors, and more for elevated body temperature with a Thermal Camera solution from SIS.

Quick and scalable solutions to identify at-risk entries.


Add capabilities to your existing security with a thermal solution from Security Integration Solutions. From full security gates to handheld thermal cameras, SIS can provide your building with an extra layer of protection from entries putting others at risk.

Protect your team today from passable disease with a non-invasive thermal camera system.


Thermal Camera Solutions

Human Body Temperature Gate

This multi-functional security gate is a combination of a traditional metal detecting security gate and a body temperature measurement system. This gate is best for crowded entries such as enterprise entries, sporting events, and government buildings. 

Key Features Include:

  • Multi-function, body temperature and metal detection
  • Ease of use and setup, rapidly deployable
  • Wrist or forehead temperature measurement
  • Temperature accuracy up to 0.5 degrees Celcius

Lead Time for 5 units: 5 Days; Less than 5 units: Call Representative

Facial Recognition with Wrist Temperature Measurement

This digital facial recognition access control terminal both includes precision facial recognition but also touchless temperature detection capabilities. This can be applied in a wide array of use cases, most commonly universities, schools, office buildings, and more. 

Key Features Include:

  • Non-contact detection of wrist temperature
  • Scalable access control features to confirm entries and denials both on failed facial recognition, temperature thresholds, or both
  • Deep learning technology for facial recognition rate of over 99%
  • Capabilities for over 10,000 facial records and audit trailing

Lead Time for 10+ units: 5 Days; Less than 10 units: Call SIS.

Automatic Thermal Temperature Measurement & Screening System

This system includes a Thermography Camera, 1 Blackbody, 2 Tripods, and a Power Adaptor. This setup is portable and great for on-site temperature meausurement for off-site activities, jobs, and more.

Key Features Include:

  • Temperature can be taken from longer distance than normal solutions and quickly screened
  • System measurement within 0.3 degrees celcius 
  • Support measurements – alarm audit trail, calibration of body temperature and surrounding area for more accurate readings

Lead Time for 2 units: 7 Days; Less than 2 units: Call Representative

Standing Human Body Temperature Screening

The standing human body temperature screening system is able to quickly measure human body temperature without any touch. This system prevents cross infection by applying readings touch-free. Great for government, corporate, and campus buildings.

Key Features Include:

  • Ease of deployment due to compact size.
  • Rapid measurement of temperature using the wrist
  • Alarm configurations can be set and voice alarm will trigger once temperature threshold has been passed

Lead time: 7-14 days

Wrist Temperature Measurement System

This compact system is easily deployable for both temporary and permanent placement at your entries or event. With a constantly displaying screen you can provide messaging to your guests/employees/students on why their temperature is being taken and precautions necessary for entry.

Key Features Include:

  • Automatic and accurate temperature measurement
  • Continuously playing demonstration video supporting your precautionary efforts
  • Realtime snapshots of face during temperature measurement

Lead Time: 7-14 Days

Portable Thermal Imager

Take your thermal imaging on the go! This handheld imaging tool is great for monitoring temperatures in places that do not require a permanent solutions. From individual classrooms to offsite team projects/jobs, this handheld solution can keep your team safe.

Key Features Include:

  • 2.” Thermal Screen
  • Temperature accuracy to 0.5 degrees Celsius
  • Photographed function and SD card storage
  • 1/4″ Tripod mounting hole
  • USB-C charging interface

Lead time: 7-14 days

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