What is Access Control?

Bridge the gap between security and scalabilty with a full access control system for your business.

Physical Access Control

Access Control Systems are a flexible and scalable solution offering your business a comprehensive program for securing your physical areas. 

Access Control is most often used for exterior entries but can also be used to protect sensitive interior areas. 

No matter your size or needs, a proper access control system can scale and change with you due to technological flexbility.

Benefits of Access Control


Access Control solutions offer extensive capabilities as you would expect from a state-of-the art enterprise level access control system. Access control requirements come in all shapes and sizes with many levels of risk and organizations may consist of just one site or maybe many sites distributed across the city, across the county or across the globe.


Cost Control

Because your Access Control System will eliminate the need for physical keys, many clients of ours see significant cost reductions over time. Pair remote management of entries with the elmination of traditional locksmith duties such as rekeying and replacements a system may be a more economical choice.



For many Clients, SIS starts with retrofitting their existing systems. This renovation can pair an Access Control System with your existing hardware and provide your security team a dashboard to manage your existing services.

Some clients need to integrate with complex video surveillance systems, many of which SIS can install.

If you’re a growing company a proper Access Control System can grow with you and add capabilities as you need them!


Security Integration Solutions Services

New Constructions

From planning to installation, SIS will be with you hand in hand to make sure your new construction or new office is ready to open securely!

Keyless Entry

Equip your entries with the best hardware and integrate with your Access Control System to create a holistic security experience.

Wireless Access Control

Cut the cords! A wireless system can fit any space and SIS can install discretely to preserve your space from wires, unnecessary drilling, and get all of the benefits of a traditional system!

Cutting Edge Access Control Solutions

SIS only uses the best equipment for our Commercial and Residential Access Control solutions. Our web-based design enables security management from any device that has an internet connection and is an authorized user.

This access control software enables the following:

  • Complete audit trail on door transactions
  • Replacement of mechanical keys with cards
  • Cost management for key replacements, re-keying of doors, and more.
  • Automated lock and unlock scheduling and lock-downs.
  • Cloud and Server based storage solutions available.

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